Under the Palapa

Welcome to our new beach hut

After a long day at the beach, what could be better than a shady spot with an ocean view and a breeze? Our large party deck – always a favorite hang out for our regular guests – now offers a new, cool and inviting place to have a drink or meet other visitors.

Recently, some Seminole Indians visited BeachPoint Cottages and constructed a new beach hut. Whether you call it a chickee, palapa, beach fale or ramada – this type of open air structure is built in warm tropical areas to shelter people from the sun. But it is also a wonderful place to experience our occasional afternoon beach rain. The lovely sound and view may have you hoping for a quick shower during your stay.

relax in the shade when you rent a beach cottage at Beachpoint Cottages on Siesta KeyChickee is the word Seminoles use for “house”, and ours features traditional sabal or cabbage palmetto – the state tree of Florida. This indigenous thatched roof structure reflects Florida’s heritage.

Beautifully constructed with cypress logs and palm thatch, our new beach hut is a delight to the eyes and a reminder of the past.



the best vacation rentals on Siesta Key BeachBeachPoint Cottages has the best location on Siesta Key Beach for a laid back vacation. The new chickee is another unique feature you will find in this cool Florida beach front compound. If you don’t want “just another hotel room”, come stay with us. If you like the offbeat and easy going, you’ll love our quirky cottages featuring fun art, rescued architectural pieces from around the key, and a surprise around every corner. Call us now and make a reserve your beach cottage rental.