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Beach Access Points on Siesta

Where are the Siesta Key Beach Access Points? That’s one of the most important things to know when you choose where you will stay on Siesta. If you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach, make sure you ask the distance to the closest beach access.  Some access points have little or no parking. Others with parking spaces can fill quickly – so look for accommodations that make going back and forth to the beach easy.

There are over a dozen beach access points on 8 mile long Siesta Key. Each is different – from quiet and laid back to lively and busy. Just pick your favorite activity – people watching, fishing, volleyball, bird watching, wind surfing – and you’ll find there’s a beach for that on Siesta Key!

BeachPoint Cottages is only 1000 feet or less from five different Beach Access Points: 2, 3, 3B, 4 & 5.  And you can jump on the Siesta Breeze Trolley at Access 5 for a free ride to many of the others. Here’s some information that will help you pick just the right spot to stay when you visit Siesta Key.

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Siesta Key Beach Access 2 at 41 Beach Road
Our beach. Just 0.2 mile from BeachPoint Cottages. No parking. Quiet beach area, for swimming and sunning. Popular with locals for sunsets and birding. Sunset Beach is between access points 2 and 3.
Siesta Key Beach Access 3 at 100 Beach Road
Half a block (350′) from BeachPoint Cottages. Swimming, sunning, birding. Walk or bike – no parking. Quieter family beach. Wonderful sunset viewing.
Siesta Key Beach Access 3B at 136 Beach Road
Access entrance is less than 100′ across Beach Road. Very quiet, natural area. Very wide beach. Part of the Sunset Beach area. Swimming, sunning, birding. Walk or bike – no parking.
Siesta Key Beach Access 4 at 180 Beach Road
433′ from BeachPoint Cottages. Natural access point. Very wide sand beach. Remote, not busy. Swimming, sunning, birding. Limited parking – 4-5 spaces.
Siesta Key Beach Access 5 at 200 Beach Road
3 minute walk from BeachPoint Cottages (0.2 mile). There is also a free Siesta Breeze Trolley stop here. Small parking area that fills fast. At fork of Ocean Blvd. and Beach Road. Swimming, sunning, birding.
Main Siesta Beach at 948 Beach Road
The largest and busiest beach park. This park has a large parking area, two concession stands with food & drink (including beer and wine), playground, restrooms, beach wheelchairs, chairs & umbrellas for rent, tennis courts, volleyball, & picnic shelters. The location of the Sunday sunset drum circle.
The main Siesta Beach is just 1.1 miles from BeachPoint. Parking fills quickly, so we recommend that you walk, bike or take the free Siesta Breeze Trolley!
Siesta Key Beach Access 1 at 3940 North Shell Road
Very limited parking. Very small beach area. Shell Road beach offers fishing, swimming and beach access. Take a free ride golf cart or ride your bike.