Neptune waits

A piece of Siesta Key History

Neptune Is Golden

Visitors to BeachPoint Cottages can’t miss the massive 10′ King Neptune statue overlooking the ocean. He is one of the many pieces of local history that have been rescued and found a new home at our quirky tropical cottages. He’s a must-see photo op. Stop by and make your own selfie with the King!

Neptune at Beachpoint


This huge guardian was created by local artists – Kevin Colson and Andrew Truitt – for Neptune’s Restaurant in Siesta Key Village. Opened in 1990, Neptune’s introduced outside dining and music to the key, and it remained a local favorite until closing in July 1996.
During that time, thousands of photos must have been made with the big guy.  Do you have photos?  Share them with us on facebook.

The old Neptune’s location is where you’ll now find SKOB, a favorite for visitors and locals.

King Neptune offers a great photo opportunity.

The deposed king was later rescued and brought to BeachPoint.  He is now a familiar welcoming feature at the resort and countless visitors have taken advantage of this great photo op!






Recently, everyone woke to a surprise when the king was discovered glistening in the morning sun! Even the owner of BeachPoint was amazed to find the Roman god of the sea had a new gilded exterior courtesy of the original sculptor Kevin – who still maintains the statue for the resort.

You never know what will be new at BeachPoint when you visit.  But one thing you can count on, things are always changing!